Game Thread - 08/31 Braves (Fried) at Sox (Brewer

3rd game thread in a row, what is this sorcery the Sox are trying to pull.

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Rockies get Pillar

Already behind in the 1st :frowning_face:

Why is JD not playing tonight?


Hm. Not sure about JD. Will check and get back to you.

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Eating Dairy Queen. Boooom

Haven’t had DQ in ages. The closest one is 22 miles out of the way. Maybe it’s worth the trip :woman_shrugging:

A balk brings in a run. 2-1 Sox

Getting ready to go down and make a burger. WTH? I don’t wanna cuz what the heck am I gonna get roped into doing at 9 at night?

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Tied up.

Brewer sucks.

I’m tired as hell tonight. Going to be an early bed time. I’m watching some of the Sox game. Mainly the Bruins and Tampa game though.


Bases loaded and nobody out for the Braves. I got a bad feeling.

Yup. Bases clearing triple.



Kind of making it close lol.