Game Thread 08.28.18: Marlins (Urena) at Red Sox (Johnson)

A lead, the sox have a lead!!!

One swing and it’s 1-1

2-1 but some ugly pitching going on

3-1 Sox and someone already warming.

Yes 3-1

Johnson out and Workman in.

Nunez rips a shot over red line for 4-1 lead

Glad that ugly uniform, silly nicknames Players Weekend is ovah.

Ugh. Realmuto with a 2-run shot and Castro with a solo shot. Tie game 4-4.

Barnes getting booed on the way off the mound. Deservedly so. Hembree in.

Bloop shot and Miami leads 6-4.

i’m falling asleep with my rally cap on. Good luck, Sox.

Wow they are coming back!!! 6-6

I feel asleep and woke to rally

Wow! Mookie almost hit by100 mph wild pitch ball 4 that scores Kinslerl


Bad Kimballs and it’s 7 all

Sox. And spanks walk off wins

Fc and an error scores JD

It wasn’t pretty, but I’ll take it. Worried about the bullpen.

Kelly needs to get into a fight, Kimbral needs a shave, and the rest need to pop their head out of their collective asses.