Game Thread 08.26.20: Red Sox (Brewer) at Blue Jays (Merryweather)

Well at least this game is still going.

It’s raining in Toronto.

Beer time.

Um, yeah, but they play in the Rogers Centre with a retractable dome. poke

Surprise, surprise. Sox are losing.

Oh, well. Looks like there will be a rain delay shortly.

Mitch cut the lead in half with the long ball. 2-1 Jays

OK, OK, OK. You got me Joolz. Tuning in now. :slight_smile:

Holy crap! It’s pouring!

Those light blue Toronto unis are fugly.

Ugh. 4-1 them.

4-1. Rain is falling!! How is this game still going

9-1 Ouch!

Ugh!. Sorry, I switched over to the B’s game and that one’s not going much better either.

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Horrible but kicking to the Jays. The Bruins are also losing horrible, but the refs have been absolutely atrocious

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