Game Thread 08.19.20: Phillies (Arrieta) at Red Sox (Hart)

Afternoon baseball, boys and girls! I’ll be cardboard cutout #39 in the Monster Seats. Play ball! Go Sox! Win!

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Phillies with the bases loaded in the first with one out :woman_facepalming:

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Kyle Hart 19.29 ERA

Lmao. Glad I’m not watching.

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2-0 Phillies in the 1st

I’m on Gameday right now but I might take a nap.

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It’s 3-2 Sox. Wow. Longest we have had a lead in a long time lol. Neat

Nap mojo FTW coffee


I would totally nap but then I would be screwed for sleep tonight haha.

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part of me wants them to lose, trade Benny and a couple other guys and start building for the future!!!

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Ya agreed with that

Granted. Offensively we still have a top ten team. Maybe even top 5. Right now stat wise we are 10th. If this team had even half decent pitching we would be competing for a wild card spot.



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Holy crap we won!!