Game Thread 08.15.20: Red Sox (Eovaldi) at Yankees (Paxton)

EVOO on the mound tonight. Maybe they will win? :woman_shrugging:

Welp, 1st inning and Sox already behind 2-0. Sigh.

JD! Tie game. Too slow to try to stretch it into a double though :woman_facepalming:

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X! 3-2 lead :+1:

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And they are behind again.


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Have disc league tonight missing the game. Got an update we blew a lead

I’m stunned.

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WTF is Pillar swinging at? My gosh.

Ken Rosenthal is a doofus.

7-3 Yankees and Joolz is moving on to something else.

Goodnight any BSU friends that happen to be around :wave:

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Glad I missed the game. 11-5. Holy man.

Can’t wait for colts season lol

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