Game Thread - 08/13 - Rays at Sox

Afternoon game

We might win… lol

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I didn’t realize they were playing an afternoon game. Thanks, Tyler.

1st inning. Already losing.

Lmao legit just started 5 minutes ago and we are losing. Takes talent to do that. Smh

Well we are on the board.

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I just wonder how so many pitchers, even very mediocre ones are throwing 100 mph heaters. I don’t remember seeing so many back in the day. But maybe there were.

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And that is 3-2. :slight_smile:

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This Hart looks like he has potential too

I need a nap. Or coffee. Or both.

Drink a triple shot espresso then take a nap. That oughta work. :rofl:

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Lmao I’ll give it a go and let you know hahaahah

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5-3 bad guys.

Ain’t that some shit. And that is a serious drone.

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Please shoot it down. Fucking up the game lol

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Is Hart someone that came up in the Sox system? With all the shit this last 6 months I kinda lost track of a bunch of this stuff.

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Yes he is

First pitching game

Couldn’t get any worse than what we have. Looks like he has potential. Left him in a bit too long in my opinion. Right now we just have no answer at pitching.

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On a positive note I read that Sale will be throwing soon so next season won’t be so much of a disaster pitching wise maybe.

Holy shit! Behind 16-5?

Lmao 16-5.

Hockey time.

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