Game Thread - 08/10 - Rays (Yarbrough) at Sox (undetermined)

Kimbrel has given up 7 runs in his last 4 games. Wow!!

Time for sausage and perogies

You hanging out with MIke. That Polish cat loves that stuff. :rofl: :heart:

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JD! Out of the pahk! 4-1 Sox!


JD!!! There we go

Sloppiness all over the place here. Ugh.

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Lmao. This pitching. So predictable

Wow! Tied up? Really?

Nope. Didn’t count. He’s out

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My tummy is full too much food

Seems to happen to you a lot my man. :rofl: :heart:

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Now it’s tied. Dammit!

It sure is :frowning:

Lmao I know buddy. Ugh, I love food too much.

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Bases loaded!


What a joke. Wow

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I’m drinking water now. Seems to have helped my tummy.


We are losing now.

Well, my eyes are closing. Goodnight Tyler, johnlocke and any lurkers.

Go Sox!