Game Thread 08.10.19: Angels (Heaney) at Red Sox (Porcello)

Going Middle Eastern today. Greek salad, Kafta kabob (a mix of fresh ground meat with minced onions and parsley with grilled vegetables over rice pilaf) and beef Port Said (beef sauteed in lemon garlic sauce over rice pilaf).


Big dick get us a win!!

I’ll be pretty quiet today. Have some groceries and a bunch of running around to do today.

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We got this!

I’m not a fan of this start time. I’ll be on Gameday for the start; will miss the middle; and watch the end (hopefully).

Appears Rick is already getting roughed up. 2nd and 3rd with one out for the Angels.

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Yup. 3-0 Angels. Gawd, Sox pitching is atrocious.

Porcello has been a joke this year.

Hey Porcello went an inning without a dinger. Yay

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Hey! Sox have two in scoring position with nobody out!

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Can xander cash in?!?!

Nope. Not even a productive out.

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Well at least got on the board.

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Porcello has got it going now

Offense has 5 hits so far. 1 run. Just can’t get it going.

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Out of the corner of my eye I think they squandered a couple times too.

Just looked and it’s now 5-1 Angels. :rage:

Guess I’m off to do some other stuff for a while and may be back later. Have a good day/night, Tyler.

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Ugh brutal.

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