Game Thread 08.09.18: Red Sox (Porcello) at Blue Jays (Borucki)

Porcello reminds me of Beckett, every other year he is on point. luckily we are in an on point year

Who broke Porcello?

I did. My bad

Nunez singles and swipes second!!!

And a Holt single ties it at 4

Smock makes it 5-4

Ugly fungi night

Patriots firing on all cylinders.:unamused:

It’s way more fun when the Sox are winning.

Mookie! Hits for the cycle!

It sounds like I’m missing a good game but being a fantasy football degenerate I had to watch some football tonight.

It was an 8-5 loss, so it really wasn’t a good game. Mookie is something special though.

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I’m afraid I don’t know that word.


We are DOOMED!!!