Game Thread - 08/08 - Jays (Anderson) @ Verdugo’s Jays Daddy (Godley)

Do I dare say we could win three in a row!!!

Let’s go!!! I have disc tonight so I will miss a big chunk :frowning:

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ESPN has the Sox 6th right now in hits. Offensively this team is just fine, especially if Verdugo keeps this going. Get us some pitching outside of Eovaldi and Workman and we would be a dangerous team.

I’ll miss part of this cuz I’ll be in the Ozarks for a spell.

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Pretty damn good, ain’t it? :heart:

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Yes, just finished season two. Watching the game now.

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This Godley guy? WTF?

Nice catch, Mitch!

Two on and nobody out for the Sox.

Being destroyed by mosquitos tonight during disc ugh. Sox up in a close one. Gonna miss the entire game :frowning:

What’s “disc?” Disc golf?

What a catch by Pillar!

Shit! Bases loaded with Jays. Score tied 1-1


Goodnight and good luck Sox.

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Fuck we suck

Night joolz

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Whiskey time