Game Thread 08.08.18: Red Sox (Johnson) at Blue Jays (Hauschild)


Nice to tune in to a lead. No clue what happened, but it’s 4-0 Sox in the 3rd.

Welcome home. Crack open an IPA yet?

Yup. Wife brought me home some Tokyo Grille.

I have no idea what happened either. But Brian Johnson is dealing.

Scoring plays

Thanks. I was lazy.

Betts took one to the hand that looked scary but good to see he is in the game

NESN with technical difficulties. :angry:

Walked in a run. 5-0 Sox!

Man I’m glad the Sox got the calls but that BJs pitcher got squeezed in X’s at bat

Devers with a 2-run shot!

Boo they scored

JBJ is smooth

Dammit, Cora needed to get someone up sooner than he did.

Ouch! 8-5 now.

Want more runs

It is 9-5

More runs. J.D. is the man! 9-5

Wild pitch = another run