Game Thread 08.03.19: Red Sox (Johnson) at Yankees (Green)

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No food mojo. I don’t want to know what you are eating and I’m not telling you what I’m
having. Let’s try that. :grin:

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Lmao deal! Secret stays with me

Go Sox!

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Be back about 8-ish and hope I see a lead.

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Looks like I picked a good weekend to work nights.

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Ya I’m at my girlfriends parents visiting. Won’t be seeing the game something tells me I won’t miss much.

Definitely. This series is depressing.

Raffy with a 2-run shot. 2-0 Sox in the 3rd.

So, I’m all alone here?

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Unfortunately Joolz lol. I’m following the game on Gameday still but not watching it. Glad we are leading!


3-2 Yankees. Yeah this is depressing.


I see we are still losing. I shall have a diet cola

Betts knocks in two and Sox lead 4-3.

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Wow… I’m missing a good game :frowning:

I’m being teally productive at work, if it makes a difference to anyone.


Tied 4-4 :rage:

Good luck Sox and goodnight BSU :sleeping:

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Night Joolz. On my way home now to catch the end.

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Lol. On a weekend? Damn. Take it easy haha