Game Thread 07JUL2019: Red Sox (Price) @ Tigers (Soto)


Price done. Joshie Powers warming up.

Cue the ominous music.



Not watching the game. Wonder if price is sore or sometbing. Seems 5 innings is what he does now.


He was already at 99 pitches.


Oh that makes sense! Bullpen is gonna need this rest at the break.


Pizza time for me ! :slight_smile:


Wow this Taylor is pretty good.


Bullpen suckage once again, eh?


Oh Redsox Bullpen, you incouragable scamps.


Ball. Game.


Nice sweep, sprocketboy! :+1:


Going into the break on a hot streak!!


I wasn’t planning on starting a thread for the ASG, because I don’t want to mess with my own mojo.

I will pick it up after the break.


Well we are rolling. So whatever you do. Keep it rolling!


typically late to party but I bring music


I’m getting a meatball sub today I am!


I just had spicy grilled salmon sushi roll.

Hm. No game thread for food mojo so maybe these posts belong in the ‘Food and Drink’ category. :woman_shrugging:


Oh my god. How spicy was it? Sounds good though!


Not really spicy and not all that good. It was supermarket sushi not from a restaurant.


My favorite maki/roll is from a nearby sushi bar and grill. It’s salmon, escolar, crab, cucumber, avocado with light tempura.

I need to start a sushi thread.