Game Thread 07JUL2019: Red Sox (Price) @ Tigers (Soto)


Only two Tigers have double-digit ABs against Price (Beckham and Cabrera), and they are both batting less than .100 when facing David. The team as a whole is 11-for-75 with 6 BBs, 3 RBI, 18K, and only one extra-base hit (a double by Wilson) against Price.

Red Sox batters have collectively only 5 ABs against Gregory Soto: 2 for 5 with one K.



Let’s go Price!!! Been fantastic this year. I have no doubt he will again today.


Leftover Chinese food and homemade cold brew coffee.


That sounds delicious!!! I’m not sure what I’m going to have yet. Pizza is taking over my brain though so probably that. Lol. Now not sure if I go pick one up or order. Hmmmmm



I believe!!!


Marco Hernandez with the hustle




Price really needed to go 6+ innings here, but with 80+ pitches in the 4th, that’s not bloody likely.


Joolz reporting for duty. Tardiness due to watching Cash Cab. Love that show!


It’s up to X here and I got a feelin’!


Its more than a feeling


4-1 good guys!







Runs, runs, runs.

With a decent lead like this, does Cora leave Price out there to throw 110+ pitches, knowing he has three days off?

I think not … I think he’s out after five innings, so he can be ready to pitch again on Friday night.