Game Thread 07.30.19: Tampa Bay (Morton) at Red Sox (Price)

Ugh. Price is ugly the last few games. He started the season so good but he’s really struggling.

Utter garbage from Price tonight.

Up to the bullpen now.

Got a flat tire on the way home from work mojo.

Cuz sometimes life just kicks you in the balls.

At least Walden was decent. But we are down

Beni. You are ridiculous !!! 5-4!

BennyBennyBennyBenny! Goes bridge!

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Sorry, Thep. Great mojo though.

Lol they took out the starter to bring in a reliever to face AB and he went yard?

Oh Baseball Gods, you are a bunch of rascals.

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Lmao that manager has to feel like an idiot

Its Kevin Cash. Of course he feels like an idiot

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Yeah drink that water like its no big deal

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Moreland Leather. Cuz sometimes you just gotta pick it.

The wave is strong at fenway lol.

Kenny Powers in the game

Be strong bullpen. I’m scared.

What if we just set up a tee at home and then played an extra fielder?



My Dog’s name is Arrow.

Arrow Mojo.

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