Game Thread - 07/29 - Sox (Eovaldi) at Mets (DeGrom)

Fart. Tie game.

EVOO is falling apart.

Ya this isn’t looking good

Wow! Another awesome double play!

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LIN the playmaker!! Beautiful.

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Wow that was pathetically fast.

10 innings 2 runs from Evo. Solid two games for him.



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Yup. How this game is going.

Let’s get this game back! Come on bats.

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Tied!!! VAZ

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Vaz! Tie game!

“See ya” ~ Eck

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Just win it quick socks. I have a cold and don’t want to stay up for extras lol.

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Yes, please. I’m hot, tired and old. Fading fast :sleeping:

Goodnight Tyler and any lurkers.

Good luck Sox!

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Night Joolz!

Looking good. Two men on!

We have the lead!!!


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Going into the 9th!

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This inning is stressful Jesus workman.

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Over!!! Sox win!!