Game Thread 07/27 - Mets (Wacha) @ Sox (Osich....who?)

Ya… another bad team. Can we get a win with some pitcher I’ve never heard of. Tune in to find out.

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Not sure if I’ll be here or Ozarking. Undecided :thinking:

Sorry, no lineups tonight. I’m not on my laptop.

Yeah, who is this Ostrich guy pitching?

This game is a shitshow already.

What a play!!!

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He just a reliever joolz. Has been for four years.

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Yes, nice play by X. I called it a shitshow because I didn’t think he got him after a couple other defensive goofs.

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Ok bats. Let’s get 10!

Good job Benni

OK guys. I’m watching but I think I’m out. I went to a friends house and shot some BIG gus on Sat and I am still deaf. And for some reason that makes me tired.

Go Sox!!!

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Hahah get some sleep my man.

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Already behind 2-0. Sigh.

Goodnight, johnlocke.


:rofl: at the cardboard cutouts in the monster seats.

Oh, 4-0 Mets. Sigh.

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Ya we are atrocious. Wow

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Too late for me to start Ozark. What was I thinking?

Ugly. Two runners on and a double play kills it.

This game is over before it even got started. Pathetic display

Wow! Stepped away and came back to see it’s 7-0. Holy crap! Yeah, it’s ovah.

Mitchy 4-bags! Too bad the bases weren’t loaded, eh?

Joolz out. Hot and tired. Goodnight, Tyler and johnlocke (if you are here)

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Night Joolz. I’m half here lol. Gonna be going to bed after I watch 90 day fiancée.

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7-4. Once again trying to make this a game.