Game Thread 07.26.18: Twins (Gibson) at Red Sox (Johnson)

hope it rains red sox home runs!!!

JBJ tossed out Mayer at home

Oh, JBJ. Why? Cut down at 3rd.

Wow! I missed the run that scored in the 2nd inning. Sox lead 1-0 in the 5th.

Heads up play by Holt. Another Twin cut down at home.

Tie game, but two outs

Tie game, but Sox got a double play.

Pitcher switcher time

bummer to lose but two runs stopped by great defense.

JBJ struck out with the bases loaded in the 9th, amirite??

Jackie is 0 for 2 vs. Rodney.

Moreland was riding the bench, amirite?

Mitch is 6 for 10 vs. Rodney.


Cora is still learning?

Dale, on WEEI, made claims Moreland is banged up. I’ve been thinking he hasn’t looked right for a bit, especislly after chasing down a foul ball and sitting on the rolled up tarp, he looked like he was off.

“We got all the lefties. That pinch-hitting thing is not that easy,” Cora said. “We’ve got men in scoring position with Raffy, and then we felt the at-bats after that were good ones. We weren’t going to hit there for Brock. He’s a good at-bat there. And Jackie’s one of our best hitters the last month. So, I don’t think there was a spot there.”