Game Thread 07.25.18: Red Sox (Price) at Orioles (Bundy)

Just tuned in.

The good: A 5-run lead in the 2nd.

The bad: A rain delay. :frowning_face:

I blame David Price.

Sitting in my car listening to rain delay as my daughter takes a boxing class. It is a fitness class, no hitting each other… I hope!

AC is a likable guy

Yes, he is.

This is one helluva rain delay.

TC and Youk are drinking beer and Joolz is going to bed.


What a waste. Never should have started this game. J.D., Benny and Betts all lose homers AND the Sox lose a 5-0 lead. Dammit!

Cora is pissed that twice they started games that were quickly stopped due to rain, and at the Orioles whole rain delay process. I hope the commish speaks up because Price wasted a start as part of this foolish game stating.