Game Thread 07.13.18: Blue Jays (Borucki) at Red Sox (Porcello)

Rick Porcello is a stud.

Also I almost electrocuted myself a few hours ago.

Go RedSox!!!

JD Youkilis in LF.

Way to jinx it idiot

3-1 Jays.

Porcello walks 3 guys in a row?


Make it hurt JBJ

RBI single up the middle.

3-2 Jays

Betts 2 RBI triple

Baruki is Baroken

Holt RBI single

Break it open JDM

Blue Jays self destructing

X wall ball RBI single

Just tuned in. Guess I missed some stuff.

You okay, Thep?

LOL yeah. Had a guy installing a new dishwasher for me asked him a question about my stove and lifted up the top part to show me…

10 min later i did the exact same thing and something arked and a big poof of smoke and all the electricity in my house went out. Scared the shit out of me.

Dammit Justin Smoak I used to like you😣

Fercryinoutloud, Porcello. Grr.

Anyone warming?

Porcello is hurt.

Yup. Something’s up.

Welp. That sucked. Tie game. Take him out.