Game Thread 07.11.18: Rangers (Colon) at Red Sox (Sale)


Nice to tune in and see a Sox lead.

OMG, Colon is huge!

Heh. Ive been working out.

No. NO!

Im exhausted and i have to be at work an hour early tomorrow for a stupid meeting. Im going to bed right now and no amount of RedSox based banter is going to change my mind.

BTW whats the score?

1-0 Sox with TX batting in the 5th.

Goodnight and sleep well, Thep.

Martinez drives in 2

JDM! A 2-run double and it’s 3-0.

X with a triple and another run in.

Colon cleansing going on right now

Nunez tried for two, not bad choice, good effort

Greedy Nunie.

Sale is so much fun to watch.

Not a fan of chew,

Not a fan of Hembree right now.

Kimberly in because hombres f’d it up

Kimbrel to the rescue with bases loaded.

Ugh. Walked in a run. 4-2 now.

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Pitcher can’t toss a strike

Whew. Breathe.

Dirty water and as OB just said:” the beat goes on!”

So I tell myself okay I will log in during the game. I am finally able to do it and son came down and I “squirreled” the moment. Darn it.

Son came back down to watch some of the game with me and was not feeling our closer doing the job after he walked one in. I said give him a few minutes this is our closer after all to me he is the amazing one.

I adore AC he has done a great job with the club house.

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