Game Thread 07.10.18: Rangers (Gallardo) at Red Sox (Velazquez)

Go go sox! Finish fast to beat any rain!!!

3 doubles in the 3rd give Sox a 2-1 lead. Looking for more.

Mitch knocks Benny in and it’s 3-1.

X with a triple and 2 more cross the plate.

Velazquez out and Beeks in.

Where’s Thep? IHOP?

Not a fan of this Beeks dude.

Nice catch, Mookie!

Moreland sac fly makes it 6-2 in the 5th.

*clocks in *

Mornin’ Ralph

Yikes! Blinked and it’s a close game @ 6-4.

Well then quit blinking

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Wait…Matt Barnes throws 98?

Ben Nintendo!!!

Balls off the wall and it’s 8-4.


Joey Gas Is in the game.

Blake Sweethart is Mrs Almet’s new favorite player.

Ryan Brasier Time!!!

Dang look at the RedSox and all their power arms in the bullpen.


I took my daughter driving last night. cruised down to the cape while listening to the game on and off. I have to say she did well but the Bourne rotary was an experience I hope I can forget someday.