Game Thread 07.09.18: Rangers (Minor) at Red Sox (Rodriguez)

Man I missed the start. Thought there was no game tonight.

2-0 now

Nice to tune in and see a lead.

Missed the start too. Pearce with a 2-run shot in the 1st.

I like Beltre.

Nice catch, Xander!

Nice catch, Mookie!

Do you mean ex- Gamecock Steve Pearce?

Also a BSU first…I’m posting from IHOP.

Are you having a burger?

I am.

Burger MoJo!!!

Love me a Lewis Burger, local watering hole. The make fresh squeezed screwdrivers with a soda splash but the burger is awesome. Secret is egg salad and slice of ham

Joe K. gets it done. Now some insurance.


He goes bridge

J.D.! There’s some insurance! 5-0

JD saved Kimball for later