Game Thread 07.06.18: Red Sox (Sale) at Royals (Hammel)


Damn Remy is evicerating This Guy.


So one time when my son was playing 12u travel ball we were putting an epic beat down on this team…like 25-0 in the second inning. And between innings the umpire came over and leaned against our dugout, took a swig of water and very quietly "Tell your batters if it comes across the plate its a strike. " And then walked off without waiting for an answer. Our game had already started like 90 min late, and there was still another game to play after ours. So we understood…

Sure enough the next inning their pitcher struggled badly. Maybe 1 out of 10 pitches were anywhere close to the strike zone.

It all culminated when the pitcher uncorked a pitch that hit 10 feet in front of the plate, bounced once and literally rolled across home plate. And the umpire yelled “Strike three, ball game!” and walked off the field.

That’s what i hope happens in this game.





Mr. Sale is mowing them down.


Everything must go!!!


Ex Gamecock Whit Merrifield