Game Thread 07.06.18: Red Sox (Sale) at Royals (Hammel)

Mookie goes yard!!!


Ex Gamecock Steve Pearce

Brock Holt!!!

Brock knocks in 2!

Sale has to love the lead

Sandy baby’s knock up, I mean in a run

Jerry Remy: This guys got nuthin’.

I love the way he drops 6 or 8 “This Guy’s” per game. The disdain in his voice cracks me up.

This is fun!

We’re on pace to score 27 runs!!!

Wow JD goes deep

J.D.!!! 6-0 Sox!


Can we take Sale out and start him again tomorrow?

Oh man they are Hammelling this guy.

“This Guy” is toast!!

X marks the spot!!!

X!! lolololololol 8-0!

Its like watching a David Price start from the other dugout