Game Thread 07.04.18: Red Sox (Rodriguez) at Nationals (Fedde)

11 am. WTF.

Big goings on later in DC. “Capital Fourth” and all that.

Fedde out due to an apparent injury.

Oh, fer cryin’ out loud, Devers :angry:

Blind ump.

Stepping away for a bit. Leaving the mojo in that kitchen drawer again. Go, go Sox!

Ok I have a sec to sit and watch for a minute…

Nice throw Never Devers.

That ATT commercial where the guy asks the other guy “Do you know a real robot?” makes me laugh every single time.

Need some contact by Bradley to drive Devers in!!!

JBJ… foulball and Devers gets home but jams right shoulder


Nunez on a WP on a ball 4

2-0 sox


Joe “Gas Can” Kelly in to pitch

Its not right that a ball hit that hard in an out

One two three for Joey Gas. Is Kimbrell available today?

I assume so, as he didn’t pitch yesterday.

I’m on Gameday and he may already be warming.


JBJ!!! 3-0

One more run and Kimbrel needs to let up a run for save