Game Thread 06.19.19: Red Sox (Rodriguez) at Twins (Gibson)


Ill be absent from the game thread today folks :frowning: Going to my parents for supper tonight and will miss the game. Here’s hoping we get this series win!!

:wave: Joolz here.

What’s with the Sox swinging away. No patience whatsoever. It appears they often swing at the 1st pitch. Is it me?

Nice throw JBJ! Out at home.

I’m here but not sure for how long.

Beer Mojo.

Eduardo mojo

JBJ mojo

Grapefruit? Interesting. Is it good?

BA snobs rate it “Outstanding”

Brock! Tie game 1-1

Chavis! Another run in and Sox grab the lead.

Bases loaded and nobody out. Gotta step away for a bit. C’mon Sox!

C’mon Fat Sandy

Yes. I’m not sure I would call it outstanding. But very very good.

Speed rules

Up to you JD

JD fail.

At least they didn’t strand Holt on third … again.

Yup, Remy is right. This game is dragging.

Understandable given what happened last night.

Imagine if this had been a day game.

Tie game 3-3.

4-3 Twins on another home run.

Joolz out. :sleeping: