Game Thread 06.12.18: Red Sox (Rodriguez) at Orioles (Hess)

Today I unleash my massive mojo of the greasy ground beef patties covered in bacon and slathered in cheese before the game even starts. Yesterday it was Rush’s, today its Five Guys.

Tonight five guys clad in red socks will circumnavigate the bases and cross the plate. Bank it.

That burger! :drooling_face:

Devers goes deep


Benny time


Nice to tune in and see a lead.

My stream is weak tonight.

Wait that sounds wrong. I’m not currently able to watch the Redsox game due to a high rate of buffering

5-2 Sox. Shoulda been more. Inning ending DP :angry:

I am watching USA women’s soccer.

China 1

Win for the womenfolk.

Ugh. Bases loaded and only one out for the O’s in the 7th.

Out number 2 by Velazquez and Joe K. coming in.