Game Thread 06.10.19 Rangers (Minor) Vs Red Sox (Sale)

Sox welcome the red hot Rangers to town. Lineups to be determined. We have Sale on tonight. If this isn’t a win Cora better think of something fast. I know we have injuries on the offensive side of things but the way we lost that series to Tampa is inexcusable. Get a win tonight boys!!! We need this series.



Elvis returns!!

Updated lineups

Rangers (Mike Minor) At Red Sox (Chris Sale)

Starting lineups

  1. D. Deshields CF
  2. Danny Santana LF
  3. Elvis Andrus SS
  4. Nomar Mazara RF
  5. Hunter Pence DH
  6. A. Cabrera 3B
  7. Logan Forsythe 1B
  8. Rouged Odor 2B
  9. Jeff Mathis C

Red Sox:

  1. Mookie Betts RF
  2. A Benintendi LF
  3. J.D. Martinez DH (Expect a big night from this man)
  4. X Bogaerts SS
  5. Rafael Devers 3B
  6. Sam Travis 1B
  7. Eduardo Nunez 2B
  8. JBJ CF
  9. Sandy Leon C
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A Minor Sale? Ugggh … sounds like a Pedo Auction. :nauseated_face:

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We got this…

Sale looks damn good.

:wave: Joolz is here. I spy a Sox lead.

6th inning is not much fun.

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Benny needs to homer again.

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Thanks a lot Barnes.

Watching the raptors game. Sox Offense is beyond frustrating. Stats is friendly to us as we score our runs in chunks. Against the top teams like Tampa, New York, Houston and now Texas we go completely cold. So frustrating.

A rally! Keep it movin’!

Dear Alex Cora:

Matt Barnes is a decent relief pitcher, but he is not a closer.

Everyone not named Alex Cora


Damn! Foul ball.

Agreed. We have tried it. Doesn’t work.

Sh*t! It’s up to Brock.

Tie game!

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Well extras it is.

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Joolz is out. Good luck Sox and goodnight BSU.

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