Game Thread 06.10.18: White Sox (Lopez) at Red Sox (Porcello)

1-0 dem


Don’t people know not to visit when the Red Sox are playing? :angry:

What’s up with Porcello? Pitch count up and he just walked in a run. Yeah, I’m stuck on Gameday.

3-2 them after seven. I spied missed opportunities out of the corner of my eye. Seems I’m missing a 3-person booth today with OB, Eck and Remy.


Was hoping for a walk-off, but seems unlikely now. I miss Mookie.

Next? Time to beat some birds of the orange variety.

I feel like these last two losses are my fault. Or rather the fact that I’m not independently wealthy and therefore have to work. If I was more wealthy I could have watched the games this weekend and maybe that would have been enough.

So that’s on me.

I’m off tomorrow so maybe I can turn it around…