Game Thread 06.04.19: Red Sox (Rodriguez) at Royals (Sparkman)



JL is in the house.


:wave: Joolz has arrived.


Eddie with a 10-pitch first inning.


Great start for Eddie.


E Rod looks solid. We may win this lol.




Devers with the great play at 3rd. The cat hasn’t made an error since May 2nd I believe and made some sensational plays.


This isn’t our year is it. How in the blue friggin hell are we getting shut out by this abysmal team. Smh. Beyond frustrating.


Agreed John. He’s been dynamic lately. Love it!


Tie game.


Devers 1st to home on a Holt double. 3-2 Sox.


Thank god. Not sure I could stomach a loss against this team lol.


Nunez pinch hit 3 run jack


3 run pinch hit shot to center by Nunez. 6-2.


Devers for 2 FBI. 8-2


We won!! I may have overreacted before. My bad folks.


Well, at least we can beat the shitty teams.

The only .500-plus AL team against which the Red Sox hold a winning record are the Rays.

So, we might make the postseason, but we haven’t yet proven we can beat anyone once we get there.


Then Joolz fell asleep. :sleeping:


Lmao that’s how it goes! Hahaha. My son fell asleep at like 9 last night so I had to hustle my butt to bed too hahah.