Game Thread 05AUG2019: Royals (Montgomery) @ Red Sox (Porcello)

Two of the Royals’ hitters have decent history facing Porcello: Gordon (.245) and Perez (.267). Overall, the Royals are 31-for-100 (.310 AVG) with 2 BB (.324 OBP) against the Mushroom Man.

The Red Sox collectively have 31 ABs against Montgomery, with 8 hits (.258 AVG) and 5 walks (.361 OBP), for what that sample size is worth.

In Saving Private Ryan, Ted Dansen’s character says that “Montgomery is overrated.”


Getting hard to get excited for games now. Porcello needs a good game. This has been his worst season by far and it keeps getting worse and worse. I’ve lfetty much thrown the towel on this season but let’s try and go out with some dignity and get a few wins!

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With that said. I’m getting McDonald’s.

What are you getting at McDonald’s?

I just had sushi. A grilled spicy salmon roll with lots of soy, wasabi and ginger.

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Not me. I’m psyched! coffee

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I just changed the spark plugs in my best friends truck. She’s psyched.

I’m a mechanic. Who knew? :slight_smile:

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I got a double quarter pounder and fries. My god I’m full. It was delicious!

Wow. Good job. I struggle changing a tire lmao. I can drive well but mechanics isn’t my thing.

I do all my own watch repairs though :slight_smile:

Lmao. Touch of sarcasm hey


It’s been a while since I’ve had sushi. I kind of am craving it.

Ugh. I haven’t had McDonalds in about six years. Now I want nuggets.

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Wow. Good for you! I couldn’t go 6 weeks without it lol. 6 days is a stretch.

I’m now drinking a strawberry milk

I’m gonna be honest here folks. I just napped for nearly an hour. It was pretty glorious.

Game is starting. I got a slurpee

Porcello is going 7 tonight!

Porcello looking good so far.

Did I see X run thru a stop sign and get thrown out at home? :rage:

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I didn’t see that Joolz? I just got home though.