Game Thread 05.29.19: Indians (Bieber) at Red Sox (Weber)


We don’t stand a chance

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sorry, what do you mean? never say never, never let go.
one time, I’ll show you, all that matter, all around the world, remain confident

Cora fails to have this team ready.

Present. Lets score some…oh hai Andrew.

I didn’t realize it was slow pitch softball night at Fenway

Respect for JBJs arm

Josh Tripplay gives one back.

Attaboy Joshy…ok gonna go watch the begimning of the Bruins game

Didn’t realize it was an early start. image

Wow! Sox losing 14-6 in the 7th. Bruins time, I guess.


Rally cap on. 14-9 now in the 8th.

Bases loaded one down in the 9th.

Even Kimbrel wouldn’t solve this bullpens problems.