Game Thread 05.28.21: Marlins (Poteet) at Red Sox (Perez)

Well, it’s going to be an interesting weekend weather-wise. Honestly, I’m not sure how they are going to get these games in, unless the forecast for Boston is way off-base. Glad I don’t have tickets.

When and if they play, Go Sox!

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Me, Jo and Chara are going kayaking and then hang out every night at Weirs Beach for the Wake The Lake bash.

Might miss the games til I get home.


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Did you just mess with the game day mojo!”?

Sox won two day ago when I posted lol. That’s ok!! Change is good loo

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I’m so sorry. What’s wrong with me? I wasn’t thinking. For some reason I thought they lost.

Do you want to start a different thread? I wouldn’t mind at all. Really. Maybe you should.

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Lmao no no Joolz

Let’s keep this going, might be a cool good luck charm

But if the season starts going to hell from here on… well…… we know why :joy:

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I’m going to feel terrible if they lose. I may never get over it sulk

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Lmao ok I’ll start the thread no worries hahahaha

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I hope you know I was joking :rofl:

Thanks for starting the “REAL Game Day Thread” :+1:t2: