Game Thread 05.25.19: Red Sox (Price) at Astros (Peacock)

The Price of an adult Peacock runs between $35 and $275.

The word “Peacock” applies to males only, which makes sense. Fully grown females are called “Peahens.”

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Working again tonight.

How bout a blowout in the Sox favor. Maybe score so many runs it becomes…

Please win. That is all.

Price looks solid early.

Uh oh. Price velocity is down.

My god. They are pulling Price.

Should be 1-0 Sox. But still 0-0

I think I just heard “flu-like symptoms.”

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Had to switch to the Raptors. Hope the boys can win it for me!

Amazing. No score in the 6th.

I should have kept my mouth shut. 2-0 Houston.

Sox score one run, but a base running blunder ended an opportunity to score more.

Raptors aren’t playing any better than the Sox :frowning:

What a comeback for the raptors. Tie game.

First and Third, nobody out, and could not get the go ahead run across.

Why can’t this team grasp the concept of a productive out???


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To think I was convinced Barnes could be our new closer.

1-4 against this bloody team.

I’m sick of the effing Warriors.

Go, Raptors.

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Me too! Raptors will get them!

Raptors are the only ones standing between the Warriors and a Three-Peat.