Game Thread 05.19.19: Astros (Miley) at Red Sox (Sale)



Get a win!!! Sale has been nasty good.


Rain delay.


I’m here



What’s on tap this afternoon? :beer:


Sox up 1-0 after one. Missed it and I’m on Gameday right now.


What’s up with Mr. Sale? I see the bases are loaded.

Wild pitch scores a run.

42 pitches after 2 innings of work.


Yikes! Sale gives up a 2-run shot by Correa. 3-1 Astros.


Ugly start. Again… ugh.


Sale looks good at least.




Mookie double.

Rally: On


Opposing team miscues. Gift run. Tie ballgame.

Make it hurt JD.


Changed the channel to watch Cash Cab and missed it all.


Lol it happens that quick. I don’t it all the time.


You think? Appears a bit off to me. :woman_shrugging:

He’s leaving the game with the bases loaded and one out.

Walked 5 today too. Hasn’t done that since 2015.


Walden gets a double play to get out of the inning.


Houston has the number one offense I knew it would be tough for Sale. He limited the damage and gave us a chance to win. He was t great but far from bad. :slight_smile:


X gives us the lead.


How sweet it is!!