Game Thread 05.15.19: Rockies (Marquez) at Red Sox (Rodriguez)



Blake Swihart just hit an inside- the- park home run.


We got this


2 nothin’ Sox in the first.


Down goes JBJ at second.


Nice! Benny with a triple.


Holy carp! I blinked and it’s 5-0.


Ruh-roh! Here come the Rockies. 5-2 and looking for more.


Good start.



Tie game. image

Shoulda had a double play to end the inning. image


Watching the raptors game. Just checked the score. I guess Colorado is better than I gave them credit for.


Bucks are just about to win. Sox going to the bottom of the 10th. 5-5.


And Chavis with the walk off single. 3 hitters, game over. Gonna have a beer or 5 to celebrate. :slight_smile:


Bloody raptors choked. Grrrr. Sox leading though!


Give Giannis a bench and nobody will ever stop them.


Holy shit. What a win. Chavis is money!


I fell asleep at 5-2. Glad they were able to win, but can keep blowing leads.


It was a late, high anxiety night! But Sox won.


Next series with Houston will be intense !