Game Thread 04.17.21 - White Sox (Cease) @ Res Sox (Pivetta)

Well let’s try this again folks

I’ll miss the game today :frowning:

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Good luck Sox!

Go Sox!

I’m stuck on Gameday for now and see Sox are down 2-0 after the 1st.

Anyone warming? coffee

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Listening in radio

Sheesh that was tense

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Bases loaded. Too bad two out.


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Damn :frowning:

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Well got one.

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These jerseys are too much like the chargers

Hey, tied up 2-2!

Hey, a lead 3-2!

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Ugh tied.

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Just read this on the Fox Sports page:

“Red Sox have left 8 runners on base, 5 in scoring position.”

Can’t do that.

Oh, and just realized the game is on Fox, so…


Wait. What? It was on Fox online but NESN on TV. Cool.

Gonzalez! Boom! A lead!

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Gonzalez and Hernandez having a day!!!

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Bases loaded for J.D.