Game Thread 04.17.19: Red Sox (Eovaldi) at Yankees (Happ)

Too soon? coffee


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never too soon

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This guy thinks all is well. coffee

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Valentine couldn’t do much worse one would think… lol

Eovaldi. Don’t suck tonight and maybe we have a chance depending what offense shows up.

The 2019 Boston Red Sox are on pace to lose 108 games. There is really no way Valentine COULD do worse.

Ooh, a lead. J.D. homers and it’s 1-0.

I like this start!


Happ thinks he’s a qb.

Pedroia came out in the second.

“Jeopardy! James” is on fiyah once again. $71,114 going into Final.

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Dude is amazing. $131,127!

Now back to our regular scheduled Sox game.

I would go on Jeopardy but I’m not smart enough and I would embarrass myself.

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Eovaldi at least playing decent.

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Bases loaded with 1 down for the Yanks. 3-1.

Bullpen trying to undo a great night from Eovaldi.

Gardener with the Grand Slam.