Game Thread 04.16.2019: Red Sox (Sale) at Yankees (Paxton)

Time to get things right and push the Spankees into the cellar.

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Sale will sell it all tonight!!

As long as Sale gets the Wright Price … :crazy_face:

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Leon has just been called up and will be catching sale tonight.

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I pray they are not blaming this kid for the suck level of the starters. I think the Sox Brass over thought this spring training plan and messed up the pitchers, putting them behind the hitter big time.

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I forgot how much I hate the Yankees, their fans and that stadium.

Sale with the swing and miss so at 94 mph.

Easy 123 for Sale.

Sale with a 9-pitch 1st inning.

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Strange start time will take me away from the game for a bit. :angry:

Chris is firing 96 mph fastballs. :slight_smile:

  1. Another 123.

Just tuned in. Sale gave up a hit. I’m bad luck.

Go away. :slight_smile:

Lmao rude! He’s doing better now ok!!! :joy:

Ok nvm. I’ll turn it off and watch the raptors game at 7 :frowning:

LMAO. Just hit 98 with a 78 mph slider and an 83 mph changeup. Dude is dealing fast. You can stay.

Oh wait, he just gave up a run. Nevermind. Stop watching. :rofl:

2-0 Yanks.

Columbus up 2-0 on tampa lmao. Sorry had to post sometbing positive being that this game is going to hell early.