Game Thread 04.15.19: Orioles (Straily) at Red Sox (Velazquez)

What has 2 thumbs and shoulda called out sick today?

My day off!!! Sox are going to win. It’s a good day.

Val get’s out of 1 out bases loaded jam. 1-0 Orioles.

Appears Velazquez wiggled out of a bases loaded jam in the 2nd. I’m on Gameday, unfortunately.

1-0 Orioles.

3 up 3 down on 3 strikeouts for Velasquez.

Need some offense. Is Straily really that good?

Well. Another stinker. Unreal.

And no this pitcher has been awful. Of course we are making him look like an all star.


Wow. Hits…

Runners on the corners and nobody out.

Pearce with a productive out. 4-1 Orioles.

Lol get off the field. Lost his mind.

Miss watching. :frowning_face:


Bats just can’t get it together :frowning:


Wow! Just heard OB say the O’s starting pitcher came in with an ERA over 19.

Ugh. Chris Davis likes the Sox. 6-1 Orioles.