Game Thread 04.14.21 (Game One): Red Sox (Eovaldi) at Twins (Maeda)

Late afternoon baseball, folks. Correct pitchers in the thread title this time :grin:

Go Sox! Let’s make it 8!

Question: Will they win?

shake, shake, shake

Answer: Most Likely

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Let’s go for another sweep

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Get to watch both. Working at home

Let’s go Sox

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C’mon, that ball hit the ground.

Make ‘em pay, J.D.!

Mini-squander image

Didn’t realize it was a seven-inning doubleheader today. Game two starts 30 minutes after this one ends.

A lead! 2-0!

Runners on 2nd and 3rd and nobody out.

Maeda is painfully slow.


Damn! Out at home. Jerry is right, running into an out there was wrong. Nobody was out.

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Been stuck on the phone for an hour ugh


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3-2 ugh

We get out of it without giving up a run. Nice.

Yes, nice play by Gonzalez to Eovaldi covering 1st.

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Keeping them low on the scoring sheet. Surprising. They’re a very good offensive team.

Maeda out Stashak in. Sox with a runner on 3rd with one out. Get him in!


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Insurance run would be nice.

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Another runner stranded on 3rd, I see.

On Gameday now.

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Clinging. Scary game. Hunter Renfroe made a hell of a play

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