Game Thread 04.12.21: Red Sox (Perez) at Twins (Happ)

Afternoon baseball, folks! Go Sox!

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Let’s keep this going !!

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I think they have won every game since I retired Ray Rae (EVOO) :rofl:

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Game has been postponed.

The cause is the unrest in Downtown Mineapolis.

Not due to weather?

No, there are riots and looting going on downtown.

These were supposed to be night games but were switched cuz of the insanity and now it’s even bad during the day.

Wow !!!

Double header tomorrow?

“No makeup date has been announced for the game.”

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Wow. Crazy

So maybe they will do the games. No fans ?

I read something like that or playing the games at Fenway but I don’t see how that could be possible, travel-wise.

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Ya agreed Joolz. Not sure how this will work …