Game Thread 04.09.19: Blue Jays (Shoemaker) at Red Sox (Sale)


Mookie with a beautiful swing for a HR. 5-3 Jays.


5-4 Jays. Seriously you can’t make these kind of mistakes against this sox team.


Not the homecoming I wanted. :frowning_face:


Dead last in the division and lost to the 4th worst offense in the league with our ace pitching. Couldn’t have scripted a worse start to the season. We need to turn this around. Fast.


Ya the “Sale pitching a gem” was a stupid comment from me. He loooked good in the first two innings and even had a 95 m fastball. And then went to shit real quick. This rotation stinks.


No, not stupid. When you posted he was doing okay.


Chris Davis disagrees with your “couldn’t have scripted a worse start to the season”.


Well fair point. Regardless it’s been ugly… World Series champs who finished with 108 points to start like this. The crappy thing is. The offense has been pretty good. And the bullpen has been good as well. Any half decent pitching from the starting rotation and we would have a much better record.


should have kept Pomagrante in the rotation!!


That’s okay. EVOO with his 8.10 ERA will save us. coffee