Game Thread 04.09.19: Blue Jays (Shoemaker) at Red Sox (Sale)



Is this the first time Pedey has started a game since … I forget?


Pedey’s start has been a long time coming, lets hope he makes an impact but not counting on it!!


Werner just said on EEI that the organization hopes Pedey can play 100 to 110 games .


If he dresses for 100-110 Iwould be shocked!!


That’s a hell of a jump from his 2018 total of 3.

Also, why am I at work today???


What hell of a celebration.


Sadly, I missed most of it. Hope to stream it later.


me too, stinks working


Heh, I do work and work hard but like I’ve said before I’m a writer so my schedule is mine. Sorry if you guys missed it. The celebration was awesome.


no, misunderstanding, I usually take the day off and try to go to game.

this and patriots day

BTW, I got distracted when Joy Division popped up on spotify.


Heck, Great ceremony, gonna watch the game then have a movie night with an ex girlfriend then come home to watch the C’s. Great day I think.


And there’s a HR by the red hot Mitch Moreland. 1- nothing.


I’m liking this 3-person booth with Eck, Remy and DOB.


I have radio with Lou Merloni, thank god they other guy they had sucked


Sale pitching a gem.


Hm. Doesn’t appear very gem-like to me. 3-2 Toronto and looking for more.


Sale out and Thornburg in. 5th inning 5-2 Toronto.


Sale done after 4 innings. Gave up 5, all earned, on 7 hits.


this is a weird year, like they are using st 3 weeks to get pitches going after a long season last year.

Hope this shit works out.