Game Thread 04.06.19: Red Sox (Price) at Diamondbacks (Weaver)

Can we please win.

Price with an RBI single to make it 2-0 in the 2nd.

Good start!

Benny! 3-0 Sox!


Salty made me do it.

Hope we put up another ten runs.

Ugh. Tie game. The “at bat” broke Price.


Yup. So much suck all-around. Oh, AZ leads 4-3 now.

Goodnight and good luck, Sox.

Price buckled down and pitches better. Bats go to sleep.

Tie game. Keep it going.

We suck so bad. Good night.

I caught part of the game at a bar last night but the band that was playing was much better so I stopped paying attention and danced my fool head off. :slight_smile:

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Dancing in a bar beats watching this train wreck.

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Lol anything beats this train wreck right now. But that does sound fun.

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