Game Thread 04.02.19: Red Sox (Sale) at Athletics (Fiers)

C’mon, Mr. Sale. We need a W!

Unfortunately my game thread participation will be nil during these “past my bedtime” games.


Ha! Me too. Live at least. Im a writer so late nights aren’t a big deal but my girl I go to bed at like 9 cuz she gets up for work at 2 am. Last night I got up with her then watched the Sox and C’s afterward. Living the good life.

I hope to catch some tonight if I can stay awake.

Sale gives up a 3-2 high fb for a HR in the first.

This is reasonable competition so far (bottom 3rd), but … when and how did the Red Sox batters forget how to hit a frigging baseball? :disappointed:

Howdy folks!! Glad to be here! Had no idea you guys had a separate site for the Sox!

Tough game tonight for the offense. Concerning as we are now approaching 13 innings without a single run. Sale started shaky but his control looked a lot better the last two innings. However velocity is still down which is concerning. But he’s giving us a chance tonight which is all we can ask at this point.


You know what would suck royally? If, just when Sale started looking like Chris Freaking Sale, the rain intensifies and shortens his outing tonight.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Also if this offense lays an egg like they did last night and lose 1-0. A couple of hits but otherwise no life. This pitcher has given us fits before. So frustrating.

I’m listening to the game on WEEI via SiriusXM. I recognize Castiglione, but who is the other guy in the booth?

Sale looking damn good.

O Brien the other announcer?

Don’t think so.

I know it’s supposed to be Castiglione supported by a platoon. Maybe this is the guy who used to call the PawSox games?

Positive it’s Dave O Brian. Sounds like him?

To me, Dave O’Brien always sounded like he was selling something … and this guy doesn’t.

I suppose it could be. I’ll keep listening … maybe I’ll catch when Joe passes the mic back to him.

Wow. Sox need help from Jo-bu to hit that 72mph curveball.

Or maybe they should just do it themselves.

Right now it doesn’t look like we can hit much. Sale might not quite have the velocity he usually does but he’s playing a damn good game. It’s a shame the offense is being shut out right now.

They are runless in Oakland as of the 5th.

We just seem to struggle with this damn team always. Oakland was suppose to have bad pitching this year. Have yet to see that. Lol

At least the defense is playing. Devers and Moreland made nice plays at both ends of that one, according to Castiglione.

Devers has a beautiful play. Threw it to first sitting on his ass. Also that was a weird play. Benni checked his swing. Hit it by accident and gets a base hit lmao b