Game Thread 03MAY2019: Red Sox (Sale) @ White Sox (Perez)

Sale is supposed to be the Ace of this staff, but with a record of 0-5 and an ERA of 6.30, he has been pitching more like a Joker.

What’s in the cards tonight for Sale?

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hope he has a card up his sleeve that trumps all others!!

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ThepAlmetToState needs to bring that mojo out from behind the cookie jar
next to the refrigerator. coffee

Sox Planet game threads were hoppin’ back in the day, eh?

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Meh I don’t watch as much baseball as I used to.

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Dammit, man. Get on it.

I’m watching the Bruins game from last night right now.

Do you already know the outcome or do you avoid spoilers?

Nah I know.

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Sale needs to have a good night. He was pretty solid his last start. He had one bad inning that hurt but then went 5 shutout innings. Hopefully he can carry that momentum into tonight.

Let’s get this win boys!

Early lead!!!

Sale looking damn good with the fast ball and slider.

Sale and the offense came to pla today!

Play lol.

Great night for Sale. Bullpen is up.

Win !!! Off to bed for my old ass.

Great win. Much needed