Game (One) Thread 09.08.20: Red Sox (Perez) at Phillies (Eflin)

Doubleheader today, folks. Game in progress, middle of the 2nd inning.

Go Sox!

Didi homers and Sox already behind.

Devers ties it with a home run!

Where’s Tyler? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Ugh. 4-1 them.

Getting closer. 4-3 in the 5th.

MLB.TV: Rafael Devers hit a pair of homers in Game 1, including the hardest-hit ball of his career (116.5 mph).”

Forgot there was a double header today!! Ugh Monday, busy work day for me. Not done for another hour :frowning:

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5-4 good guys!!

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Ooh, 2 on and nobody out in the 7th!

Squander. I jinxed it.

Now it appears Barnes is going to sh*t the bed.

6-5. Barnes suck

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Dammit! :angry:

New game thread? Tyler?


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