Game Day Thread 08.31.21 - Sox (undecided) at Rays (Yarbrough)

Guess they don’t know who is pitching for us tonight

Not that it will make a difference lol.


I see Garrett Richards here:


Uh oh. Lol He’s good in the pen but as a starter this is toast


I will be watching the Gold game tonight in hockey but will be with you all in spirit.


I see Newton was released from the Pats. Pats board is happy hahaha.

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Alright I’m drinking a pot of coffee

I’ll connect in a bit.

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Well, some of us are happy, some not, and others just shocked. LOLOL

Not even sure when the game starts. I won’t have the tv before 9 pm so at that point I will see how they are doing.

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Ya it is shocking for sure !!!

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Might be Joolz the only one watching tonight lol.

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It is looking like it.

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All good, not Joolz first rodeo lol.

She is a pro at this…

till she goes to bed lol!

That is true.

Just got some good news, wanna here it?

Why not go off topic early, right? LOL

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Yes!! Enlighten us :slight_smile:


Okay, someone asked me for a link to my books. So, I went online to do so.

It turns out volume one to my kids series, which is in English, Portuguese and Spanish, is now in Italian.

I had NO clue and clearly did not get that memo. LOLOL

But it is in Italian. I have to get a copy of my books in the various languages. I can’t read them but that is not the point. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Also, I am about to sign a contract for volume two to my Squirrel Mafia series. I got it in the mail this past weekend.


Yes, slow baseball news with our teams mean randomness galore.

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Wow that is friggin awesome!!! Congrats. Maybe they are in other languages that you don’t know like India or something :joy: but seriously that is fantastic !!!

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I need to go check out the site that our publisher gave us to see the languages. I had been checking often and than stopped. LOLOL I figured I should be happy with three.

It made my day.

But, thanks,Tyler.

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I’m loving you all in spirit for now.

“Wow! You’ve been sharing a lot of love! You’ve reached the maximum daily likes for today, but as you gain trust levels, you’ll earn more daily likes. You’ll be able to like posts again in 39 minutes.”


Well keep us updated! Maybe your books will be shared around the world in every single language :slight_smile:

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Lmao, What the hell Joolz hahahahahaha. You like one post and run out it seems lol.

Maybe you will never get your full likes back it seems.